Marvellous monologues and Talking Heads

Talking Heads
Talking Heads

PERFORMANCES continue this week of Alan Bennett’s celebrated series of monologues, Talking Heads.

Wolverton’s Madcap Theatre is hosting the work, which is being staged by MKs own The Plays The Thing Theatre Company.

Bennett’s characters are unfortunate and downtrodden and yet the deliveries are poignantly comic.

Each monologue depicts several stages in their decline from an initial state of denial or ignorance of their predicament, through a slow realisation of the hopelessness of their situation.

We don’t have the space to spill the beans about each of the pieces in the here and now, but will instead focus on Her Big Chance, which stars Tea Monkey entrepreneur Tracey Bovingdon as Lesley.

Lesley tells everyone that she is a hard working actress, but actually she rearely works, and when she does it’s as an extra where she annoys all and sundry.

Her most recent appearance is in a soft porn film aimed at the German market and she is so bad that her one line is omitted from the final cut...

Talking Heads isn’t so obvious as to be all about the script, though.

Sometimes, words aren’t used to express the real feelings on parade.

Catch the engaging, engrossing and essential Bennett deliveries performed as follows:

This evening: Soldiering On and A Chip in the Sugar

Friday (evening): Bed Among The Lentils and Her Last Big Chance

Saturday (matinee, 2.30pm) Soldiering On and A Chip In The Sugar

Saturday (evening): Bed Among The Lentils and Her Big Chance,

Tickets are on sale at £12, falling to £10 for concessions.

Evening performances begin at 7.30pm.

Call the box office on MK 320179

Tracey Bovington stars in Her Big Chance, right, while Valerie Maitland, far right leads in Soldiering On