Maternity unit gives mums one-to-one care

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THE hospital’s maternity unit has been given a clean bill of health by inspectors from the Care Quality Commission.

The national regulator has now officially lifted all 12 conditions placed on the unit a year ago.

Now, as well as offering “safe, high quality care”, Milton Keynes is the only maternity unit in the country to guarantee one -to-one attention to every woman in established labour.

The conditions were imposed after the deaths of two newborn babies and subsequent criticism by the city Coroner.

Over the past year, CQC has been monitoring the unit and helping staff make changes.

The lifting of the conditions was officially announced last week and the first baby to be the world after the changes was 8lb 5oz Oliver Smith.

His mum Alice said: “We had heard some scare stories about the department but my sister gave birth here four weeks ago and said she had a very positive experience.”

Alice said she and her husband Mark had “amazing” support during the pregnancy and throughout Oliver’s birth.

“We never felt we were on left on our own. All the midwives were fantastic.”

Now other departments at the hospital are working to address other concerns highlighted by the CQC in a separate spot check inspection.

Said MKGH interim chief executive Mark Millar: “The spot check was mainly positive but did identify some particular issues for improvement.

“We are grateful to the CQC for drawing these issues to our attention and we have been taking action over the last 11 weeks to make sure these issues are rectified.”