Mausoleum is a step closer

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PLANS for a Mausoleum have been recommended for approval by council officers – following a request from the Italian community.

The proposals would see two ten vault wide by four vaults high mausoleums in one building built at Bletchley’s Selbourne Avenue Cemetery.

For years members of the town’s Italian community have been searching for a site to use for above ground mausoleums.

Until now they have been unable to find a suitable site so approached Milton Keynes Council bereavement services for provision to be made inside an existing cemetery.

As this form of memorial is different from the norm for city cemeteries the possibility was included in last year’s cemetery land use strategy consultation.

This led to ward members, parish councils, stakeholders and the public being consulted and a petition in support of the proposal was received from the Italian community, consisting of 139 signatures.

While the council consulted on the idea the Italians engaged Cemetery Development Services to design a Mausoleum and they submitted a speculative planning application to build at Selbourne Avenue, which was granted.

The recommendation is that the council enters into an agreement with Mausoleum Management Limited for them to lease part of the cemetery.

They will then pay the council £25 per vault, which will earn them £2,000 a year as rent.

The proposed plans will include room for expansion in the future and there were no significant objections from the wider community during the Land Use Strategy or planning application consultations.