May dances back to health

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A dance lover has learned some unique exercises to help combat spinal pain without the need of surgery.

May Brock, 62, underwent the treatment when she developed scoliosis – a condition which causes excessive sideways curving of the spine.

May had been a dance lover all her life, and was particularly keen on the Tango. But things went wrong when she began to feel pain in her back and a breathless feeling when doing simple tasks.

A check with her GP revealed the nature of the condition and either two options – accepting the pain or having metal rods inserted into her spine to straighten it out.

She was referred to Scoliosis SOS – a central London clinic run by scoliosis sufferer Erika Maude, which affects four per cent of the UK’s population. The clinic introduced her to ScolioGold, which is a treatment that has been used in continental Europe.

Within two weeks of a four week course, May’s pain had practically vanished. By the end of the course, she had reduced her pain, increased her lung capacity, improved her cosmetic appearance and stabilised her scoliosis.

May said: “I am ecstatic with what I have achieved. I really hope that by speaking about what I went through, other people with scoliosis will realise that they are not on their own and that there are alternatives to surgery.

“I must admit the exercises are hard work and the therapists definitely do not let any of their patients slack off, but the hard work really does pay off and the results are obvious.

“I am pain free; those few words are words I never thought I would hear myself saying again. It really does feel good to have my life back and to be back on the dance floor strutting my stuff!”

If you are affected by the condition or know somebody that is, you can contact Scoliosis SOS at