Mayor defends councillors’ Christmas mince pies treat

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COUNCILLORS of all parties were invited to the Mayor’s Chambers on Wednesday night to enjoy a festive tipple and a mince pie ahead of the Christmas break after a meeting to discuss increasing council tax for city’s most vulnerable.

Members of the Lib Dem group, including leader Douglas McCall and wife Isobel, turned down the invitation to join the annual gathering as a protest over the subject matter discussed earlier that evening.

Councillor Isobel McCall tweeted afterwards: “Mayor invites councillors to drinks and mince pies on taxpayer after Tories push through council tax benefit scheme hitting poorest in MK.”

Councillor Douglas McCall added: “We thought it was outrageous. We have boycotted it for some time because we feel it is inappropriate.

“And after such a meeting, where the plans were to increase council tax for the most vulnerable, it seemed even more so.”

However, the Mayor, Councillor Catriona Morris, defended the offer, saying that members of all parties attended.

“This is not something new,” she said. “Members of all parties were there, some obviously couldn’t come or didn’t want to, but it is something we do every year, and something that has gone on for years.

“After such an intense meeting, as Wednesday’s was, it is important afterwards to remember that we are all working together, regardless of your party.”