Mayor goes back to school and meets with council

It is important that the collective student voice is heard in our schools and Denbigh demonstrated the value it places on students having their say to MK Mayor Steve Coventry when he visited earlier this term.

Monday, 30th January 2017, 12:42 pm
Updated Monday, 30th January 2017, 12:43 pm
Mayoral visit at Denbigh School - School Council

The Mayor was invited by the recent ‘Mayor for the Day’, student Caitlin Cheshire. Caitlin was one of three Denbigh School winners in the national Children’s Commissioner competition ‘Takeover Day’.

During her time shadowing the Mayor, Caitlin had the opportunity to discuss the work of Denbigh’s School Council and he agreed to meet with the group himself.

Mayoress Liane Lacey accompanied the Mayor on his visit and they were both eager to hear all about the recent achievements of the Student Council.

They were particularly interested in how the Council was the driving force in having the school library renovated, including updating the books on offer and introducing a new dedicated study area for sixth form students.

The Student Council members were similarly curious to discover more about the roles of the Mayor and Mayoress and their previous occupations.

Headteacher Andy Squires said: “Not many of us get the chance to visit our old school and, although Denbigh has moved from its old premises in Bletchley where both the Mayor and Mayoress attended, the students demonstrated what matters to them at Denbigh today.

“We were delighted that the Mayor accepted Caitlin’s invitation and that he has promised to return to observe one of the Student Council’s meetings in action and have a full tour of the School. At Denbigh, we believe strongly that students should have a voice as their opinions form an integral part of Denbigh’s ethos and its continued success.”