Mayor marvels at Greg’s gold

Mayor with Gold Post box's outside Llyods Court CMK to celebrate Greg Rutherfords gold medal
Mayor with Gold Post box's outside Llyods Court CMK to celebrate Greg Rutherfords gold medal

JUST days after watching Greg Rutherford win a fantastic gold in the Olympic long jump, Mayor of Milton Keynes Catriona Morris has added her congratulations to the city’s Olympic hero.

Greg’s golden jump, measuring eight metres and 31 centimetres, came in his fourth round of Saturday night’s event and he hung on despite tough opposition from two other competitors.

Councillor Morris said: “It’s fantastic. Amazing for him, for GB and the country. It was fantastic watching him on Saturday night.

I was at home watching it on television and Facebook was going absolutely mad and everybody was commenting on it, all clearly glued to the television.”

Now plans are in hand to celebrate and commemorate Rutherford’s success and Mrs Morris is hoping this won’t be the end of the city medal rush.

She said: “It has helped put Milton Keynes on the map, it is amazing and now hopefully we can go on and win more gold medals.

“Before the Olympics even began I talked about having a Civic Reception for everybody who’s been involved in the Olympics because we have lots of people there including athletes, coaches and volunteers.

“Now that is very likely to happen and hopefully Greg will be there and we can talk to him about what we can do. We have lots of plans for things we can do.

“We have had lots of suggestions of things we could do to honour Greg. The comment was made about naming a roundabout after him or even building a new roundabout that was 8.31 metres in diameter. Some have even suggested putting a sandpit in the middle of one, but I’m not too sure about that. We would like to speak to him though and find out what he would like.”

Speaking of Greg’s success and what it means to the city, Mrs Morris has said this will help Milton Keynes progress as a sporting giant.

She added: “We want Milton Keynes to be recognised as a sporting city and Greg’s gold has helped put us on the map in that sense. Lots of work has been done already with sports in Milton Keynes we have some amazing people and as Mayor I get to go to a lot of different events and I’m always amazed to see the incredible talent we have culturally but also sports wise.

“What a year it’s been to be Milton Keynes’ first citizen, quite incredible. I have been very, very humbled by what’s happened.”