McDonald’s staff in Milton Keynes refuse to serve homeless man food

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Fast food giants McDonald’s have apologised after a homeless man was not allowed to buy their cheeseburgers.

A staff member at the Xscape restaurant refused to serve the hungry rough sleeper a takeaway, even though he had exactly the right amount of cash to pay for it.

She then even turned away a member of the public, who tried to order the food on his behalf.

“I was so upset and angry,” said 19-year-old Kealie Brudenall, who was approached by the young homeless man outside the Xscape entrance.

“He was a lovely man and very polite. He asked if I would go into McDonald’s and get him two cheeseburgers because they’d just refused to serve him.

“He gave me the money and insisted he didn’t want me to pay. I was pleased to help him.”

Kealie went into the restaurant and ordered two double cheeseburgers without pickle.

“A woman wearing a white manager’s shirt came over and said I couldn’t have them.

“She said: ‘I know you’re ordering on behalf of that homeless man who is outside and we don’t serve him here.’ I was really shocked.”

Fearing a row, care worker Kealie walked out and apologetically gave the man his cash back.

“I felt terrible. I couldn’t sleep that night because I thought he’d be hungry and cold,” she said.

A spokesman for the McDonald’s franchise apologised over the incident, which happened late last Thursday night.

She said: “We would like to reassure readers there is no policy in place which does not allow service to homeless individuals, or those wishing to purchase food on their behalf.”