Meals on Wheels ploughs on in city

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ELDERLY residents may have felt the cold but they didn’t go hungry as Meals on Wheels service Apetito battled through the snow.

Older people rely on the service throughout the year and drivers made sure that they didn’t miss a meal, even delivering on Christmas and Boxing Day.

Councillor Sam Potts, cabinet member responsible for adult social care, said: “Milton Keynes Council works with Apetito to deliver hot meals 365 days of the year, and we’re pleased to receive this positive feedback.

“I’d like to say a big thank you to all our staff who went the extra mile during the bad weather to make sure checks were made on older residents. Many people worked double shifts, which shows here in MK no matter what the weather, we deliver for residents.”

Many staff gave up a few hours of their personal time to deliver on Christmas Day knowing the only contact people would have would be from those delivering food.

Manager at Apetito, Tracy Spencer, said: “We can’t leave anybody without meals so we make sure we get out to everyone.

“I have such a fantastic team and we are so well supported by the council.

“We had three 4x4s out delivering to more remote areas and the teams doubled up so no-one was left alone.

“People were so grateful to us and I am so grateful to my team.

“Considering the weather we were only ten minutes later than usual.”