Medal won in First World War is stolen

The Hussein family
The Hussein family
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A WOMAN has been left heartbroken after a medal awarded to her grandfather for long service during World War One was stolen from her home.

Asra Hussein and her husband Didar Hussein, had been on holiday in Pakistan between April 1 and April 17 when they received a call telling them they had been burgled.

A number of larger items including a television, laptop and jewellery were stolen but it was only in recent weeks that Asra noticed that the medal, previously in a display case, had been stolen as well.

She said: “You can replace everything else but the sentimental value on the medal is so much greater.

“It was passed down from my grandfather to my father and now to me and it will mean nothing to the people who took it, but it means everything to me.

“I just hope someone with a conscience returns the medal to police, that’s all I want.

“I am scared to tell my father as I am worried about what he may say.”

Asra said her family is now scared to live in their Cherwell House home. They are so worried about security they undergo a series of checks before they leave the house or go to bed.

“We have lived here eight years and now we don’t feel safe. We can’t leave the children on their own for a second as we are too worried and we have been told by a pyschologist that we have mild depression.

“We want to get out of Bletchley as soon as we can.”

Police are appealing for witnesses to call them on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.