Mediation service celebrates milestone 21st birthday

The Milton Keynes Community Mediation Service celebrated 21 years of service to the community at a special event.

The service has handled over 4,000 cases involving neighbours in dispute over noise, parking, animals, children, boundaries and more and most of those cases were resolved in a way that had a positive effect on people’s lives.

The service is a Charity which provides training in mediation skills and positive communication techniques to the local volunteers who carry out the mediations. The mediators receive the supervision and support necessary to maintain high standards.

Chairman Bob Entwistle said: “Today we are celebrating the past, enjoying the present and preparing the service for the future by being innovative and extending the service that we provide into workplace mediations while continuing to meet the needs of the community.”

Professor Liz Stokoe of Loughborough University said: “This service is one of the most forward thinking, evidence based, professional services that I have encountered.”

The service is currently going through a period of transformation supported by grants from Milton Keynes Council and the European Social Fund.

Chairman Ron West and leading Supervisor Di Payne received awards for their remarkable enthusiasm and dedication to the service over the years.