Medical man is ‘allergic’ to Nigel Farage

A medical recruitment specialist claims he is struggling with a bizarre allergic reaction – to Nigel Farage.

Richard Howarth alleges the mere sight of the UKIP leader on TV leaves him sweating, shaking and feeling physically sick.

Changing the channel can provide relief, but sometimes it can take the 35-year-old hours to feel well again.

There are times the reaction is so bad that he has to go and lie down, he says.

“It’s almost like an allergy. The symptoms are similar. When I see him on telly I sweat a lot and become anxious.”

Richard, whose story appeared this week in the Daily Mirror, said he started watching coverage of Nigel Farage initially to educate himself on UKIP’s policies.

“At the start I did listen to his points but in the end I couldn’t,” he told the Mirror.

“It was not good for my health,” he added.

Allergy experts say it is “extremely unlikely” that anybody could be allergic to another person through a television screen.

Though Richard’s story appeared in the national press, he was unwilling to share it with the Citizen .

After asking about a fee, and being told local newspapers never pay people for stories, he declined to give an interview.

He said he did not want his allergy to Nigel Farage to have any adverse effect on his own business.

Richard works at recruit4medical in Wolverton Mill.

They supply permanent staff from all over the world for medical jobs in the UK.