Medieval church ruins to be saved and celebrated

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A thousand year old church that has become a crumbling ruin has finally been given recognition thanks to a band of volunteers.

Grade 11 listed St Peter’s Church at Stanton Low once housed congregations in the time of Henry the Second and Richard the Lionheart.

Now, after repeated vandalism attacks over the years, the building is a shell of its former self .

Last used in the 1950s, only the walls remain and the adjoining graveyard is almost unidentifiable.

Volunteers formed Save St Peter’s Church group two years ago in a bid to prevent further ruin.

This week they scored a major success by persuading MK Council to pay for a protective fence to be built around the building.

To celebrate, the group will be holding a series of heritage open days next month at the site, which is on the edge of Stanton Low Country Park near Great Linford.

Spokesman Barbara Wright said members was delighted to see the fence fitted.

“Our first major goal was to secure the site to stop vandalism,” she said.

Next the members plan to organise a structural survey of the remains and produce an information leaflet for the public to learn about the history of St Peter’s.

They also hope to locate the tombstones hidden under the overgrown graveyard.

Eventually they plan to transform the area into a garden or quiet space for residents to enjoy.

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