Meet your match with psychic love guide from TV’s Joanna

Harley Street
Harley Street

ANYONE who failed to find love on Valentine’s Day now has a second chance – using psychic power.

For Aspley Guise author and TV pyschic Joanna Scott is convinced she has found the key to true love with her new book.

The Love Key, published by Penguin, is tipped to be a relationship guide to rival Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

It shows people how to boost their powers of attraction using their psychic skills, how to recognise the spiritual love signs and how to tune into the psychic alarm bells.

Joanna, who appears on the Sky Psychic and Soul Channel, runs her own consultancy.

She has helped thousands of people move on from bad relationships, enjoy dating and, most importantly, find Mr or Ms Right.

The book, the first she has written, comes with the very best recommendation – Joanna’s own love story.

“I met my partner Paul about a year after I started writing it. We’re engaged now and very happy – so it certainly helped me,” she said.

The 35-year-old hit upon the idea of putting her knowledge into writing after noticing the number of people coming to her for psychic advice about their love lives.

“Some 90 to 95 per cent of the questions people wanted me to answer concerned their relationships.

“They needed to know if they had found the right person and if their relationship would last.

“The most common question though came from women wanting to know if a man was going to call them or get back in touch.”

Sometimes, says Joanna, it is clear the woman is in a wrong relationship, or pinning her hopes on the wrong man.

“I am honest with them in this case but often I can see another man coming into their lives at some time in the future.

“This usually cheers them up.”

The Love Key also provides answers to painfully common relationship questions.

These include: ‘Why don’t men ask women out on second dates? ‘ , ‘Why do men go back to their exes?’ and ‘Why do men stop calling?’.

It shows how to spot a love cheat or a player and it helps people understand their past love cycles through clairvoyance.

There is also advice on ‘psychic love signs’ to help women spot whether a man genuinely cares about them.

Joanna trained for seven years as a relationship counsellor and also studied psychology.

She says: “I know there has been numerous books written about relationships and finding love.

“But I think this is the first book ever to be written on subject with a combined psychic and psychology approach.

The Love Key was published this week by Michael Joseph. Available at all major bookstores and online sellers, it costs £7.99.

Anyone wanting more details about Joanna’s psychic work can view her website on or follow her on Twitter or Facebook.