Memorial service will celebrate life of “inspirational” headteacher


A ‘inspirational’ headteacher who changed young people’s lives for the better will be remembered by students and colleages at Sir Herbert Leon Academy today.

A memorial service to celebrate the life of Simon Viccars will take place from 2:00-2:45 and will be a celebration of his life and his achievements.

Simon Viccars

Simon Viccars

The popular headteacher had been principal of the school since 2004 and sadly passed away after a short battle with cancer on 13 November 2013.

In Simon’s nine years at the school, he successfully led it through many changes and was a popular man amongst both students and colleagues.

With over 2100 ‘likes’ on his Facebook condolence page and a large number of condolence messages elsewhere online, Simon was known as a passionate and devoted teacher and school leader who dedicated himself to the community of learners and their families.

Paul Salver, a colleague, teacher at Sir Herbert Leon Academy, and friend of Simon’s said: “It was a privilege to organise this memorial service. Simon had profound effects on my career as a teacher: I owe an enormous gratitude for the support he gave me as a colleague and in the fun and laughter he gave me as a friend. He will always be a large part of my heart and has left a tremendous legacy with the school.”

Simon’s widow and his children will join family, friends, former colleagues and the whole of the Sir Herbert Leon student body at today’s memorial service.

Jane Herriman, executive principal at Sir Herbert Leon Academy believes this memorial service will be a fitting tribute to a popular and well-regarded man: “Simon Viccars was an inspirational man; nothing was too much for him. He worked hard, and had a very hands on approach.

“He was kind, the “consummate professional”, with so much to give, and was never expected to go at such a young age.

“Simon’s legacy lives on: he leaves many, many young people’s lives changed for the better and he will be remembered for giving people a chance and support just when they needed it to help get them that crucial exam grade, or indeed to make the right choice.

“Simon helped so many students through hard times and he gained so much respect from them.

“He believed in them when so many didn’t, making them believe that they could achieve and should never give up.

“It is a privilege to celebrate the life of a man that has made such a positive difference to so many lives”.

For more information, please contact Paul Salver on 07887 777698.