MEP’s boost to fee fighters

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STUDENTS campaigning against the hike in student fees were visited by their MEP last week.

Keith Taylor, Milton Keynes’ Green Euro-MP met students at Lord Grey School to support their stance against higher university costs.

He said: “These cuts are not inevitable, they are simply the wrong ideological choices and all three main parties need to be challenged at the ballot box as well as on the streets about their punitive actions.

“With tuition fee increases students risk being ‘priced out’ of education and the government’s austerity package will send the country on a path of job losses, public service cuts and privatisation – all paid for by those who are least responsible for the deficit.”

West Bletchley councillor, Liz Campbell said: “Parents in West Bletchley with children at Lord Grey School are very worried about the Government’s increase in student fees.

“Hardworking parents will struggle to support their children through university, and bright local young people will not be able to afford to study.

“This is wrong.”