Mia’s parents ‘encouraged’ by hospital report

Mia Elcock
Mia Elcock

THE parents of Mia Elcock have welcomed proposals to improve paediatric services at Milton Keynes Hospital following the death of their daughter and two other toddlers.

Mia was just 13monthsold when she died of a rare heart condition in September 2011 as a result of ‘failings’ in her care at the hospital, as ruledby Coroner Tom Osbourne, at an inquuest into Mia’s death.

The inquest demanded a Rule 43 report into how the hospital would improve its paediatric services, with two other similar cases - those of Calvin Prentice-Aucock and Harry Mould, also taken into account The hospital’s response was sent to the coroner on Monday ahead of today’s (Tuesday) deadline.

Since the inquest into Mia’s death in October, the families have all been in meetings with hospital staff to ensure that measures are taken to avoid similar deaths at Milton Keynes Hospital in the future.

Mia’s mum Kirstin McIntosh said their relationship with the hospital had improved since the inquest into her daughter’s death.

“We feel quite encouraged by their response,” she said. “We have actually met with the hospital four times since Mia’s inquest along with the other two families. They showed us their report and asked us to provide feedback. We are encouraged because we actually feel listened to.

“There were other things that we wanted mentioned in the report, and they were included too.

“Listening to parents is critical – doctors and nurses are experts in medical care, but parents are experts in their own children. Parental concerns are now included in the hospital’s early warning system.

“We know we cannot bring our children back, but this is something we can do in their names.”

Martin Wetherill, medical director at Milton Keynes Hospital, said: “We have met with the families of Mia, Harry and Calvin. Listening to these families has given us an invaluable insight into their experiences. We are very grateful to these families for working with us.”

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