Midwife the star of BBC documentary

Jamie Beharry with partner Caron and baby Harley
Jamie Beharry with partner Caron and baby Harley

A midwife from Milton Keynes Hospital is set to be featured in a BBC documentary on Monday.

Angela Weatherley helped local first-time dad Jamie learn what to do to help his pregnant partner Caron in ‘Don’t Just Stand There... I’m Having Your Baby.’

Caron and Jamie fell pregnant early in their relationship, which was a shock to them both. While Caron did everything she could to adjust to the pregnancy, Jamie found it hard to leave behind his life as a lad and take responsibility for what was to come.

Caron signed up to the programme to help Jamie cut down on his lads’ lifestyle and focus more on her and the baby.

Both Jamie and Caron are very grateful to midwife Angela for the support and guidance she gave.

Jamie said: “Before meeting Angela, I had no idea of how to support Caron through pregnancy and was dreading the labour itself. This fear soon turned to me understanding my responsibilities and my excitement grew for the big day.

“The confidence that Angela was able to install in me session-by-session was reflected in the faith that Caron had in me leading up to the birth of Harley.”

Caron added: “Initially I was worried about Jamie as he knew nothing about the process of pregnancy or birth. I was worried about myself too, but with Angela’s help Jamie gained all the knowledge he needed and more to help me during pregnancy and labour.”

Midwife Angela said: “When I first met Jamie, he didn’t know much about labour and birth. During our sessions, Jamie learnt so much about what to expect and what to do – this was evident with the second-to-none, empathetic support he provided to Caron during her labour.

“I was happy to be involved in the programme, as there are so many benefits associated with the involvement of fathers during pregnancy, labour and birth. It was a privilege to follow Jamie’s journey to fatherhood.

“I wish him, Caron and baby Harley all the very best for the future.”

The programme airs at 9pm on BBC 3 on Monday night.