Millie’s going Dutch for care

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THE parents of six-year-old Millie D’Cruz have been given renewed hope of saving her life thanks to a group of doctors in Holland.

Millie suffers from rare genetic disorder, Metachromatic Leukodystrophy and needs to receive groundbreaking bone marrow and core blood transplant in America.

They now need around £200,000 as soon as possible before Millie’s body starts to deteriorate beyond repair.

Doctors in America have agreed to share protocol with their Dutch counterparts, who can treat her for half the price. This means the conditioning therapy used in America can be used so the Chemotherapy won’t attack her brain.

Family friend, Lin Goddard, said: “Now Christmas has gone we are hoping people can give what they can. We have a special walk at Willen Lake on Sunday and a children’s party on January 23 at the Hilton.”

For information or to book tickets visit or call Lin on 07956 511356 or 01908 322866.