Milton does Keynes

Milton Jones
Milton Jones

STAR of Mock the Week and the Michael McIntyre Roadshow, Milton Jones is touring the nation in a bid to get big laughs from bigger audiences...and the ruffle-haired chap is right on target.

In his last tour, Milton’s ‘Paradise Jones’, the lovable comedian played to sell-out audiences and set a high standard for his future exploits.

The renowned funny man has been a part of massively successful TV and radio projects and bagged a vast number of awards and nominations along the way, and he owns a cool Chortle gong.

Catch Milton at MK Theatre this Sunday night with newbie show Lion Whisperer and let him provide the perfect end to your weekend.

As you might expect, tickets are disappearing fast with the lion’s share long since snapped up.

Get on the case: 0844 871 7652.