Milton Keynes ambulance service launches live footage to '˜save valuable time' at emergency call outs

South Central Ambulance Service paramedics and Thames Valley Air Ambulance are now equipped with live streaming cameras when they are sent to incidents.

This new innovation allows staff working on the helicopter emergency desk to see live footage streams when the paramedics and doctors get to an emergency scene.

Dr Syed Masud, consultant in emergency medicine said: “When senior clinicians are being asked by staff at the scene of a medical emergency or major trauma for advice, those clinicians can now see live footage of what is happening.

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“This not only saves valuable time, but also means more accurate advice can be given because the actual patient or incident can be seen, which improves the already high quality of care provided still further.”

The real time visualisation project has been subject to rigorous testing to ensure it conforms to governance requirements.

The camera streams information live to the desk in the clinical coordination centre and all footage is stored on secure, encrypted servers – not on the camera itself.