Milton Keynes '˜on brink of failure' due to growth fund cuts

The future growth of Milton Keynes is officially 'at risk' after the government is set to grant a mere fraction of the cash the city needs, say council leaders.

Thursday, 10th November 2016, 10:26 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:38 pm

They say the cost of putting in roads, utilities and other infrastructure necessary to grow and prosper is up to £350m for MK.

Yet sources say the council will be awarded a tiny percentage of that amount when the government announces it allocations this week.

“It’s disgracful. It means the growth model that built Milton Keynes is on the brink of failure,” said Labour’s council leader Pete Marland.

“The model that built MK is at risk due to this double whammy of massive cuts.”

Since 2011, MK has lost almost half of its grant from central government - despite the rising population.

Already the council has identified huge gaps in Local Growth Funding for “critical” infrastructure such as roads and utilities.

Mr Marland estimates £350m is needed to ensure all future development is of the same standard as the rest of MK.

He said: “MK is built on delivering high quality infrastructure for new housing. It means that as we build new properties, we ensure the extra school places and community facilities are built in line with the new housing so the existing population does not lose out to growth. The government seems to be treating that growth with contempt.”

But both city MPs have slammed the concerns as “ridiculous” and PRAISED the government investment in MK.

MPs Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart, said: “To suggest that the Government has ignored investment in MK is ridiculous and simply not true. “Government has a strong record of investing in our infrastructure.”