Milton Keynes business woman jailed

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A restaurant owner has been jailed for not paying her business rates.

Mrs Nasima Mazumder, of Broughton, was sentenced to 81 days for non-payment of business rates and asked to repay a total - including costs- of £3,705.00 incurred by her running her firm City Limits and Mya Mya Ltd.

Mrs Mazumder had failed to pay arrears outstanding from November 2009 to October 2011 for the premises at Savoy Crescent.

Councillor Rob Middleton, cabinet member responsible for Resources, Efficiency and Growth, said: “The vast majority of businesses rates and residents pay what they owe each and every month and it is not fair on everyone else who pays, whatever their circumstances, if others do not pay on time.

“Business rates play a vital role for local authorities in helping to fund vital services in the community.

“I would urge anyone who is experiencing difficulty paying Council Tax or Business Rates to contact the Revenues Service as soon as possible so that this type of action can be avoided.”

Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court heard how in December 2013 a sentence of 90 days in prison was given suspended on condition that payments of £100.00 per month were made.

It also emerged that despite the efforts of Milton Keynes Council to assist Mrs Mazumder, she continued to avoid paying her business rates.

The court at the committal hearing ordered that the original sentence be reduced on a pro-rata basis to 81 days to reflect the payments made.

The debt was paid in full on the day following Mrs Mazumder’s imprisonment on November 18.