Milton Keynes businessman invents app for social media privacy

Criminals can steal PIN by tracking motion of your phone
Criminals can steal PIN by tracking motion of your phone

The prickly problem of whether or not to post photos of your children on social media has been solved by a Milton Keynes entrepreneur.

Businessman Chris Bianca has invented MyBabyBio, an app to give parents more safe and controlled way to share memories of their children.

The app puts the parents in control, offering simple but powerful access controls over who can access their postings.

It organises the photos and memories into an online biography with secure back up..

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Chris said: “Social networks were never meant for personal information, and complex privacy controls make it hard for parents to understand exactly who can see photos of their child.

“Until now parents haven’t had a suitable alternative, so resort to platforms that don’t offer the functionality or privacy that they’re looking for.”

Though parents can opt to only share their postings on Facebook with friends, statistics show 50 per cent of many people’s Facebook ‘ ‘friends’ are folk they wouldn’t even say hello to in the street.