Milton Keynes '˜cleaner from hell' strikes again

The '˜cleaner from hell' has struck again '“ this time by allegedly stealing expensive rum and urinating on an antique chair.

Thursday, 14th July 2016, 11:17 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:07 pm

Last week’s Citizen told how Oliver Morris was battling to claim compensation from city company Domestique after one of their cleaners went on a drunken spree in his home.

The woman guzzled 15 glasses of Mr Morris’s best whisky, took a nap in his bed and urinated in his hallway.

The story prompted a call from another former Domestique client, this time in Stony Stratford.

“Exactly the same happened to me!” claimed the woman. “It was the same cleaner. She stole half a decanter of our spiced rum and then urinated on a Georgian chair in our sitting room.”

The chair was so badly damaged that it had to be re-upholstered, at a cost of £500, according to the client, who had previously used the company for 10 years without problems.

Her fiasco happened just days before Mr Morris’s upset.

She said: “Domestique sent her as a relief cleaner, because my normal lady was off. I was working from home, and after a while noticed she was staggering around, clearly very drunk.

“I sent her home and called Domestique to tell them their cleaner had an alcohol problem. They denied it, saying she was not feeling well. But they should have stopped using her immediately.”

The client was offered compensation for the damage – unlike Mr Morris, who is still battling with Domestique.

Domestique bosses Martin Thompson and Caroline Massey say their insurance does not cover compensation for criminal damage caused by cleaners.

They charge customers a monthly fee to supply and vet the cleaners, who are then paid £8 an hour directly by the client.

Ms Massey said of the latest allegations: “The circumstances you describe are incorrect.We will be discussing anything printed with our solicitor and will take action.”