'Milton Keynes could be wiped out in a nuclear attack from Syria,' predict peace groups

Monday's peace vigil at Milton Keynes station
Monday's peace vigil at Milton Keynes station

A peace vigil to stop the war in Syria was held outside MK rail station on Monday.

The vigil was organised Milton Keynes Stop the War and Milton Keynes Peace and Justice Network.

The groups both condemned Friday night’s attack by US, British and French bombers on Syria.

They predict Milton Keynes could be wiped out in any nuclear attack, and Hanslope Park could be a target.

Spokesman Chris Coppock said: “This attack breached international law and sidelined the United Nations. It was not about ending the war in Syria, which has taken so many lives and made millions into refugees. It was not about chemical weapons, which Israel uses with impunity on unarmed Palestinians. It was all about Trump, with May and Macron on his coat-tails.”

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