Milton Keynes Council budget: ‘These cuts will fall unfairly on the young and vulnerable’

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-141124-091547001

“Inexperienced” council chiefs are responsible for the severe spending cuts targeting the city’s young and vulnerable, claims Tory boss Edith Bald.

Ahead of tonight’s Milton Keynes Council cabinet meeting Councillor Bald said she is “shocked” at Labour’s proposals to axe or radically change public services.

It follows last week’s announcement that the council must save £22million next year - and a total of £70million by 2020.

Mrs Bald said: “In the three years we ran the administration facing similar challenges, we came in on budget with small surplus.

“This year, after just eight months, Labour are facing a £3million net overspend, around £7million gross.

“The problem is that Councillor Middleton and several other cabinet members are inexperienced, have never been accountable for a budget before and have left everything to the officers.

“The result is an in year overspend and a set of targeted, but unsubstantiated savings and income growth forecasts for 2015/16, which will fall unfairly on the young and vulnerable.

“These savings don’t sound like the sort of cuts a Labour party should be making? I am shocked.”

When Mrs Blad made these comments at the meeting, council leader Pete Marland attacked her and her party saying she had gone from “credible to incredible” tonight.