Milton Keynes Council draw up schedule for Core Strategy changes

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A FINAL schedule is being drawn up for the development of a blueprint which will determine the future development in the city.

Milton Keynes Council has drawn up a list of key dates which will determine when modifications to the Core Strategy document will take place.

It is hoped the changes will fit in with the Planning Inspector’s own request for modifications, to make the plan sound and legally compliant.

Following detailed consultation, including a series of public hearings in July, the council says it is determined to adopt ‘this important strategic plan as soon as it realistically can’.

A spokesman said: “Early indications are that if we approve these modifications to the Core Strategy then it has an improved potential for being ‘found sound’ by the Planning Inspectorate.

“This will provide a clear blueprint for the future of Milton Keynes and enable it to continue to grow and be one of the leading areas helping the country climb out from recession.”

The timetable for considering the proposed main modifications is:

Local Development Framework Advisory Group: November 21

Cabinet: December 19

Full Council: January 9, 2013

Public consultation on the main modifications for six weeks starting January 14, 2013

Responses to the consultation sent to Inspector: February 25, 2013

Inspector’s report to follow: Estimated March/April 2013