Milton Keynes Council fields grass cutting complaints

Long, un-cut grass at The Leys park off Whalley Drive, West Bletchley.
Long, un-cut grass at The Leys park off Whalley Drive, West Bletchley.

UNMOWN grass has sown the seeds of discontent among families in Bletchley – and almost marred their jubilee party.

For the growth on the council-tended verges was so long and lush that “you could lose a young child in it,” says one Saints estate resident.

Un-cut grass in Fishermead

Un-cut grass in Fishermead

His pleas for the council to chop the grass before the estate’s Jubilee street party fell upon stony ground.

But eventually residents got mow-tivated and chopped the jungle at the corner of St Andrews Road and Buckingham road themselves.

“To give some idea of measure, we collected six large bags of cuttings,” said the resident.

“The council knew where street parties were taking place. I would have though there would have been some kind of joined-up thinking and some effort in the areas concerned.”

This newspaper has received further complaints about overgrown verges and play areas from residents in Fishermead and Newport Pagnell.

Paul Gibson, from Newport Pagnell, said: “The grass around Burgess Gardens is now more than knee high and some parts of Newport Road have weeds over waist high.

“This is not just unsightly but a health hazard as people are leaving dog mess, being unable to find it. I realise it is unusual for grass to grow in the spring, and there are pensions to fund but the time between cuts seems an unacceptably long.”

This week Milton Keynes Council said no cuts had been made to its grass mowing programme and the extra growth was entirely due to the weather.

A spokesman said: “The wettest April on record has, understandably, knocked the grass cutting programme back a week or so at the start of the mowing season.

“We are confident that we can improve the situation quickly. Our grass cutting schedule is approximately every three weeks.

“Residents will see us mowing the grass late into the evenings and during the weekends over the next two weeks to get back on track.

“Milton Keynes’ greenery is one of the borough’s finest features and we fully appreciate that people want to see us keep it at its best.”