Milton Keynes Council is one of the highest earners in the UK for parking

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Milton Keynes Council is raking in more from parking charges than most local authorities in the country.

A new national analysis of parking income figures from the RAC puts MK as the eighth highest earner outside London.

And the city’s current £13.8 million a year remuneration has risen by 16 per cent – the second highest amount in the UK since 2015.

But MK Council, which increased some of its charges by up to 31 per cent this year, insists it is not being greedy.

The higher than average income is simply because the city has a much higher than average number of parking spaces, said council leader Pete Marland.

He said: “The overall level of income MK Council generates is determined by the very large number, over 22,000, of car parking spaces we directly control as an authority, not because of high charges. Our parking is still one of the cheapest in the country for a major city.”

He added: “The apparent increase in 2015/2016 was due to us reducing some discounts given on permits, not an increase in charges, which the council has frozen for visitors and shoppers for two years.”

The RAC this month published figures for every local authority in the UK and these figures were analysed by personalised number plate provider
The highest earner from parking was Brighton and Hove, which reaps a massive £28.7m a year.

Second was Nottingham, where parking charges generate £20.9m.

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