Milton Keynes Council issues advice to residents over pink sacks shortage

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Milton Keynes Council has advised residents that supplies of pink sacks for recycling are in short supply.

A statement from the council reads: “We have more on order and will ensure all our stockists are resupplied the first week after Easter. We are sorry for any invonvenience this may cause.

“Our annual sack deliveries for this year are now complete - each household was delivered a roll of 80 pink and 26 black sacks. We are no longer able to accept reports of non-delivery.”

If residents run out of pink recycling sacks (for paper, cardboard, cans, plastic bottles, textiles, aerosols, cartons and foil) before the next delivery, they can be picked up, free of charge, from any of the outlets below.

Bleak Hall

Community Recycling Centre, Chesney Wold, MK6 1NE


Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council, 74-76 Queensway, Bletchley, MK2 2SA, 01908 649 469

Co-op Store, Newton Road, MK3 5BS, 01908 372116.

Co-op Store, 198 Water Eaton Road, MK2 3AQ, 01908 367687.

Crosslinks Centre, 108 Serpentine Court, MK2 3QL, 01908 631333.

Library, Westfield Road, MK2 2RA, 01908 372797.

West Bletchley Council, 1 Porchester Close, MK3 6FF, 01908 648257.


Stantonbury Parish Council, 126 Kingsfold, Bradville MK13 7DX, 01908 227201.

Central Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Council Office, Civic Offices 1, Saxon Gate East, MK9 3EJ, 01908 691691.

Library, 555 Silbury Boulevard, MK9 3HL, 01908 254050.

Milton Keynes Council Office, Saxon Court Offices, 502 Avebury Boulevard, MK9 3HS, 01908 691691.

Clifton Reynes

The Robin Hood Pub, Spring Lane, MK46 5DR, 01234 711574.

Emerson Valley

Co-op Store, Bowland Drive, MK4 2SH, 01908 522757.


Campbell Park Parish Council, 1 Pencarrow Place, MK6 2AS, 01908 608559.

Great Linford

Co-op Store, St Leger Court, MK14 5HA, 01908 605426.


Pre-School Learning Alliance Toy Library, Greenleys Community Centre, 2 Ardwell Lane, MK12 6AU, 01908 561172 (open term time Wed 1-4pm and Fri 10am - 2pm).


For details about Haversham please call 01908 25 45 93 or email


Bradwell Parish Council, 21 Glovers Lane, MK13 7LW, 01908 321285.

Kiln Farm

Age UK Milton Keynes, 6 Burners Lane, MK11 3HB, 01908 263838.


Kingston Library, 11 Winchester Circle, Kingston, MK10 0BA, 01908 282720.

Neath Hill

Great Linford Parish Council Office, Local Centre, 10 Tower Crescent, MK14 6JY, 01908 606613.


Woughton Parish Council, 33-37 Farthing Grove, MK6 4JH, 01980 395681.

New Bradwell

Co-op Store, 42 High Street, MK13 0BT, 01908 312956.

Community Recycling Centre, Newport Road, MK13 0AH.

Newport Pagnell

Library, St John Street, MK16 8HQ, 01908 610933.

Newport Pagnell Town Council, 80 High Street, MK16 8AQ, 01908 618756.

Co-op Store, 75-77 High Street, Mk16 8AB, 01908 614977.

Co-op Store, 1 Wordsworth Avenue, MK16 8RT, 01908 614454.

Community Recycling Centre, North Crawley Road, MK16 9HG.


Library/The Olney Centre, High Street, MK46 4EF, 01234 711474.

Co-op Store, Stanley Court, Weston Road, MK46 5NH, 01234 241141.

Shenley Church End

Shenley Leisure Centre, Burchard Crescent, Shenley Church End, Milton Keynes, MK5 6HF, 01908 502488


Virginia House Stores, 25 High Street, 01908 610434.

Stoke Goldington

Reading Room, High Street, MK16 8NR (Tuesday mornings only).

Stony Stratford

Library, 5-7 Church Street, MK11 1BD, 01908 562562.


Westcroft Library, 10 Barnsdale Drive, Westcroft District Centre, Milton Keynes, MK4 4DD, 01908 507874.

Shenley Brook End and Tattenhoe Parish Council, 6 Wimbourne Crescent, Westcroft District Centre

Weston Underwood

Weston Underwood Parish Council, Parish Clerk, 5 Cowpers Orchard, MK46 5QA

Woburn Sands

Library Friends Meeting House, Hardwick Road, MK17 8QH, 01908 582033.

Co-op Store, 25-27 High Street, MK17 8RF, 01908 583233.


Co-op Store, Agora Centre, Wolverton, MK12 5LG, 01908 317107.

Library, Town Hall, 122 Creed Street, MK12 5JR, 01908 312812.

Wolverton & Greenleys Town Council, Town Hall, Creed Street, MK12 5LY, 01908 326800.

MK Christian Foundation, The Square, Aylesbury Street, Wolverton, MK12 2HJ, 01908 311112.