Milton Keynes council leader rejects positive employment numbers

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Flattering unemployment statistics are disguising deeper issues, says council leader Pete Marland.

Government figures reveal those out of work in Milton Keynes have fallen by 70 per cent (5,194) since 2010.

Nationally, unemployment remains at its lowest level for 11 years.

However Councillor Marland believes the rise of zero hours contracts and unstable short term work has manipulated the statistics.

He said: “The fall in people claiming out of work benefits is welcome, but it has been accompanied by a rise in low paid work, unstable self-employment and zero hours contracts.

“Our welfare bill is higher than ever because while people claiming out of work benefits is falling, in-work benefits subsidising low paid jobs are rising. “The simple question people need to ask is do they think economy is working for them and do they feel better of? I bet they don’t.”