Milton Keynes Council playground policy to be looked at after Broughton Gate and Heronsgate protests

Skate Park off Countess Way, Broughton Gate
Skate Park off Countess Way, Broughton Gate

A COUNCIL policy dictating how far playgrounds are from houses is set to be re-examined.

The issue was raised by Conservative councillor for Walton Park, Alice Bramall, at a Cabinet meeting last night.

Miss Bramall asked the council to carry out a review of its playground policy following problems at facilities in areas such as Broughton Gate and Heronsgate.

The Broughton Gate Skate Park has been a hot topic of discussion since The Parks Trust revealed it would have to be demolished as a noise nuisance.

Residents whose children use the facility held public meetings and wrote to their ward councillors to oppose the move.

That led to Milton Keynes Council issuing the Parks Trust with a 28 day notice to put reasonable noise prevention measures in place so the park can remain open.

Miss Bramall said such issues can be avoided if the council’s planning rules are changed.

She said: “I have been looking at the different playground policies around different authorities and it seems to me that MK is fairly outdated.

“We have much smaller distances from houses than other authorities.

“The number of cases we are having where playgrounds are being built too close to houses made me think maybe we need to look at the policy.

“We need to look at our policy to stop this happening again.

“It is crazy to be giving children a facility and then take it away again. That is unacceptable for the children.

“It just seems there hasn’t been enough forward thinking and that is why, as a council, we want to put this right.

“Heronsgate is a fantastic facility, but it is very close to houses.

“Considering the public outcry it is only reasonable we reconsider our position.”