Milton Keynes Council warns: Think before you ink

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Fans of tattooing, body-piercing and other body art are being warned not to take “potentially dangerous” shortcuts, but to use a safe, registered operator.

Milton Keynes Council is working closely with colleagues in Public Health to make sure people tempted by the summer weather to try something new go through official channels.

A registered, properly trained tattooist/body artist should have a certificate prominently on display, so the council say if they don’t walk away.

But don’t be tempted to use home equipment instead unless you are a qualified professional Muriel Scott, director of Public Health at Milton Keynes Council, said: “If you want a tattoo, body piercing or body art done, please make sure that you always use a licensed practitioner who follows infection control guidelines.

“This is because use of infected needles or instruments for tattoos, body piercing and body art can cause wound infection and blood borne virus infections like hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.

“It is also very important for you to follow the after-care advice given to you by your practitioner. If you feel that your tattoo, pierced or body art site looks infected, please seek medical advice.”

Remember to seek medical attention if there are complications.

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