Milton Keynes Council withdraws ‘vital’ funding which tackles child obesity

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Milton Keynes Council have announced it will withdraw funding for a major project to tackle obesity in children.

The potentially damaging cuts were put forward in this year’s annual budget by the Labour administration on Tuesday evening.

£60,000 will be taken out as well as £4,000 for Sport MK who also work to improve opportunities for children in the city.

Conservative Councillor Edith Bald said: “Tackling obesity is one of the top priorities for public health in MK, so I’m amazed to see the council cancel this project.

“Obesity is clearly a challenge across the country and it is right we try to tackle it head on through investing in better understanding and provide activities for children. Prevention is by far the best option that’s why intervention and a young age is vital.

“My group will be challenging this decision and will try to get the funding put back in when the council meets. It would be a scandal if the council failed to address this important issue.”

Councillor Hannah O’Neill, said: “Our MK Council health priorities are investing in preventative services, mental health and sexual health, but ultimately the cut to the obesity service is a direct result of a reduction in our funding to provide these services.

“Milton Keynes Council is facing unprecedented cuts from central government, and public health is no different. 
“The grant we receive for Public Health services has fallen by nearly 11 per cent, yet despite this the reduction of 5 per cent to the obesity service contract is still well below the overall cut, and the service will continue.”