Milton Keynes councillor launches ‘good neighbour’ campaign

Councillor Nigel Long with residents of Hungerford House
Councillor Nigel Long with residents of Hungerford House

MK Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, councillor Nigel Long is urging residents to look out for elderly friends and neighbours in bid to avoid unnecessary hospital visits this winter.

Cllr Long has launched his ‘good neighbour’ campaign which is encouraging people to keep an eye on those over 65 and offer help and support to keep them healthy.

“The cold and damp weather can be bad news for our health - especially for older people,” he said. “This winter join me in keeping an eye on friends, family or neighbours who might be more vulnerable to winter illnesses, such as coughs and colds or slips and falls. Together we can make a difference and help prevent avoidable hospital visits this winter.”

Last year, more than 2000 older people were admitted to hospital (Nov-Feb) for common winter illnesses such as respiratory conditions, viruses or broken bones due to slips and falls.

By taking simple steps like eating well, staying warm, not taking unnecessary journeys and ensuring a safe home, those figures can be dramatically cut.

Cllr Long’s campaign will highlight top tips for helping elderly residents and act as a reminder to think of more vulnerable over the coming months.

There is also a toolkit on the page with posters and social media graphics so you can spread the message in your communities and organisations.

You can tell us your stories of helping your neighbours on our website and we will share them with the rest of MK so we can all learn how to help those in our community.

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