Milton Keynes’ cutting-edge library is listed


Milton Keynes Central Library has been listed by Historic England - and named in the top eight cutting-edge libraries of the late 20th century.

Historic England, a public body that looks after England’s historic environment, said the grade II listed building respresented the “very best in public architecture”.

The 1979-81 building was ranked as the third most cutting-edge library of the late 20th century after extensive research.

Historic England said: “The central library was a major addition to the commercial centre of the new town and a prestigious building.

“The library has an imposing, monumental façade which is in keeping with the style of the ultra-modern town, incorporating curved elements and details in rich russet brick.

“The library is significantly enhanced by original artworks, incorporated in and around the building.”

During the 1960s government controls on building were lifted, which saw an “unprecedented spate of library building” - with 350 being built across the UK.

Paul Sanders, Assistant Director Community Facilities at MK Council, said: “I was delighted to learn that our Central Library was listed by Historic England.

“It is an iconic building within Milton Keynes that provides fantastic community resources for our residents.”