Milton Keynes double murder trial begins


Two teenagers were murdered in an “execution” style shooting in an alleyway, a jury heard today.

The boys were each shot in the head on a Milton Keynes housing estate during an argument, it was claimed.

As the shots rang out late at night across the Fishermead estate, they were heard by a number of residents.

Today a jury at Luton crown court heard a recording of a 999 call made by householder Lee Garrett, whose home bordered the alleyway.

The sound of two gunshots had prompted him to go out and look from a balcony out of his home down into the alleyway where the bodies of Mohammed Abdi Farah, 19, and Amin Ahmed Ismail, 18, lay on the ground.

In the recording played in court, Mr Garrett could be heard telling the 999 operator “I heard two gunshots in the alleyway. There’s blood everywhere.”

As the call continues he tells the operator “It’s too graphic, it looks really bad. It does look like he’s been shot in the head, like gut wrenching bad. There are two of them lying there.”

As Mr Garrett is on the phone, a third shot is heard and he tells the operator “There’s another shot, I’d get here quick.

The prosecution claim that third shot was administered by the killers to make sure Mr Ismail was dead.

In the dock two of the men said to have been part of the gang that carried out the killings of the teenagers on the night of May 26 2011 plead not guilty to their murders.

Brahim Hajji, a 26 year old Dutch national alleged to have arrived in the UK just two days before the killings, pleads not guilty to the two charges of murder.

With him in the dock is Kenyan born Ahmed Ahmed, 20, who also denies both murders.

At the start of the accused’s trial today (Weds), Jonathan Price QC prosecuting said both victims had been shot in the head at close range.

Mr Farah died instantly, said the prosecutor and Mr Ismail died the next day in hospital.

He said the older man had been shot once to the right side of his head.

The jury were told the younger victim had also been shot in the side of his head.

The second shot administered by his killers to make sure he was dead had been through his left eye, said Mr Price.