Milton Keynes duo cycle across Central and South America for Mind

Daniel Grimes and Roberto Sordillo meeting friends along the way in Nicaragua
Daniel Grimes and Roberto Sordillo meeting friends along the way in Nicaragua

Bletchley Boys Daniel Grimes and Roberto Sordillo cycled 5,386km from Mexico to Peru to raise money for Mind, the mental health charity.

The duo have been riding through Central and South America since March 25, but finally arrived at the end of their trip on Monday - despite a foot injury, several mosquito bites, difficult weather conditions and even sleeping in toilets.

Daniel said: “The people of Central and South America have been both a source of companionship and moral support; where often random strangers, firefighters and businesses putting us up for the night and making us breakfast in the morning.

“The kindness and generosity we have received had taken us both aback and without this support we would not be here.

“We came out here to partly raise awareness for mental health and partly discover a different way of living. On our journey we have witnessed people with almost nothing living a much simpler life, happily.

“We have had great insights into people’s everyday lives and completely contrasting culture to ours. Many of these people are those who have recently fought in their own civil war.

The boys have been writing a blog during the journey, which has had over 16,000 views worldwide - 8,000 from the Bletchley area alone.

Daniel added: “We wanted to share our insights and also raise further awareness of mental health illnesses back home.

“Mind is something we are deeply passionate about, and we support their efforts in helping people with depression and undertaking research to better understand the illness.

“We feel depression is still a silent illness that can hit anyone and take a hold of their life.

“However there are certainly tools and resources available to people to help them recover.”

Read their blog here: