Milton Keynes family forced from home by sewage flood

A Bletchley resident says she has lost everything after herhome was devastated by sewage water for the second time in a year.

Thursday, 16th June 2016, 6:00 am
Damage at the property

Heather Thomas and her 14-year-old son are now staying in a Travelodge after their ground-floor flat at Ambassador House was flooded last week.

“We moved in on June 2 last year, and the property flooded on June 5. Exactly a year to the day and the same thing has happened again.

“There is always a problem with sewage here,” Heather told the Citizen. “Every three months or so the toilet gets blocked and someone has to come out with a septic tank. At the moment, they are coming out twice every day. The drain simply can’t cope and the more it rains, the more it becomes a problem.

“We have lost clothes, beds and furniture, and the insurance company is refusing to pay out this time because they say the property is a known risk.

“It is devastating watching everything I have worked for being destroyed, and the hardest thing is seeing how upset my son is. It’s really difficult.”

City-based charity MK Warehouse has helped the family out with essential clothing. “They have been fantastic,” said Heather.

The Ambassador House property is managed by Bletchley-based lettings company Affinity. Heather’s property is one of 26 on a three year lease rented to Milton Keynes Council.

“The problem that has occurred is that the pumps to the waste tank have become blocked with a high volume of nappies, sanitary towels and baby wipes,” said property manager Samantha Knight.

“These have all been flushed down the toilets by residents in the block. All residents have been asked by both ourselves and MKCouncil on numerous occasions not to put such items down the drains.

“We have been in constant communication with MKCouncil and the affected residents and sympathise with this unfortunate situation.”