Milton Keynes family instruct lawyers after Dad's body returns to UK with missing organs

A family has instructed expert International Personal Injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate after a man's body was returned to the UK with missing organs following his sudden death.

Monday, 22nd October 2018, 10:14 am
Updated Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 4:26 am
David and wife Lynda

David Humphries, from Milton Keynes, died after collapsing during a family holiday to Egypt in September.

Following his repatriation to the UK a coroner requested a second post-mortem examination because the results of an autopsy in Egypt were inconclusive.

However, when the second post-mortem examination was carried out doctors found that David’s heart and kidneys had been removed.

David Humphries: Was taken on the morning of September 18, 2018 the day David died.

In a bid to reduce organ trafficking, the full removal of organs is illegal under Egyptian law.

David’s family has now instructed specialist International Personal Injury Lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate.

Debbie Manders, the legal expert at Irwin Mitchell who is representing the family said: “This is a terrible situation for the family to find themselves in

“It is difficult enough to lose a loved one abroad but to then find organs missing when a person is repatriated to the UK has just added to the pain the family is suffering.

A family photo taken at David's son Toms wedding in June 2017

“The laws surrounding the removal of organs in Egypt are very strict. We are working with lawyers in Egypt to find out what has happened so we can provide David’s family with much-needed answers.”

David, 62, had been married to Lynda, 59, for 39 years. The couple had three sons and one daughter. They also had six grandchildren aged between eight months and 16.

David and Lynda had gone on holiday to Makadi with their daughter Anita Goodall, her husband, and their two children on 7 September.

On 13 September, David, a mechanic, visited a doctor with chest pains. The following day he was taken to hospital where he was admitted overnight.

On 18 September David, who had being playing in the pool with his grandchildren, collapsed. He was taken to hospital, where despite attempts to resuscitate him he died.

A post-mortem examination was carried out in Egypt. The family flew home on the 22 September 2018 and David’s body returned to the UK on 1 October 2018 via Dubai.

Anita, 36, said: “We are totally in shock and don’t know what to do or think. We don’t know why this has happened to us.

“Dad will be buried without his heart. Some say that the heart is the soul and it is the heart that takes you to heaven, but Dad won’t have his heart to take with him.

“Dad was such a kind and generous man. He was still working and seemed so fit and so full of life. Everyone who knew him will miss him.”

Lynda added: “Dave was the most loving, careful and generous man who lived for his family. He just loved spending time with all of us.

“One minute he was playing in the pool with the grandkids and the next he was slumped over with his eyes in the back of his head.

“I will never forget seeing him in so much pain and feeling so helpless that I couldn’t do anything for him.

“It is bad enough trying to come terms with his death. When Dave came back to England we were told that his body had started to decompose so we were advised not to see him as they would be lasting memories that we would not like to hold.

“I’m devastated that I will never get to say goodbye to Dave or tell him one last time that I love him.

“We just want answers as to why he returned to the UK with parts of him missing.”