Milton Keynes head teacher clamps down after parking chaos

A headteacher dished out a short sharp lesson to parents who were putting children's lives in danger with their school run parking.

Friday, 17th June 2016, 9:08 am
Updated Friday, 17th June 2016, 10:12 am

Rickley Park Primary head Glenn Booth was so appalled with the chaos and road rage in the Bletchley school’s own drop off zone that he closed the area completely, forcing parents to either park elsewhere or walk.

He wrote a no nonsense letter to parents last week explaining his actions.

He even attached a series of CCTV photos of the parking bedlam and squabbling parents.

“It is really disappointing for the staff, children and the majority of parents that we had to make such a drastic decision, but the use of the car park by a minority of parents was so dangerous that we had to put the safety of the children first,” he said.

“We do not like to punish everybody for the actions of the few but in the short term we were not prepared to risk the safety of our children.”

The school, which is one of the few to have its own car park in MK, fronts on to the busy Rickley Lane alongside Lord Grey and White Spires schools.

Mr Booth re-opened the car park on Tuesday, complete with dozens of bollards to guide cars in the right direction. He and other staff members supervised parents as they drove in.

“I am pleased to say that they all behaved perfectly,” he said.

“It was also encouraging to see that some of the children had enjoyed their spell of walking to school so much that their parents decided to leave the car at home and continue the habit,” he added.

He and fellow staff are now planning to recruit older pupils as Junior Road Safety Officers to help ensure the area stays safe.

They are also holding a special meeting in school on Friday afternoon to discuss parking issues.

Mr Booth said: “The majority of members of our co-operative community spend a great deal of time trying to embed our co-operative and British values in our children.

He added: “Most of us are determined to focus on helping the children to learn and this is an unwelcome distraction.”

Mr Booth said many parents had congratulated him on his clampdown.

One parent, however, was still not happy and criticised the school for allowing vehicles for disabled pupils and childminders’ cars in the car park while it was closed.

“It was unfair. This situation was caused by a few parents having a row over parking after somebody blocked another car in.

“ I drop off several children and wasn’t allowed in there.”