Milton Keynes’ healthcare review extended

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It has been announced there is a need for futher discussions and engagement with the Healthcare Review that was originally scheduled to close at the end of June.

As a result the pre-consultation period has been extended by one month to the end of July to allow more time for the detailed work and positive discussions and engagement to take place with clinicians and the public.

It’s to help decide what the shape of services should look like for the future.

“This also allows us to extend our series of four public participation forums to include a fifth event later in June,” said Dr Nicola Smith, local GP and Chair at NHS Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

“We can also change the theme of the next event on May 21 to allow us to revisit the important topics of in-hospital and out-of-hospital care and what criteria should be used to evaluate models of potential future healthcare services.”

In order to ensure that there is a credible plan to deliver those potential services, in another development the Healthcare Review has written to a wide range of current and prospective healthcare providers seeking expressions of interest to provide future services.

This will help the Review to consider where and how services could be delivered in future and who could deliver them to ensure a high quality of care for patients across Milton Keynes.

Between May and June, the Healthcare Review will be starting to review expressions of interest from potential providers and evaluate service options while continuing to engage clinicians, patients and the public in the discussion around the best possible shape of services for the future.