Milton Keynes Hospital rated ‘OK’ by patient survey

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The results of a survey asking how many patients would recommend their local hospital to family and friends has seen Milton Keynes Hospital rated as ‘OK’.

A total of 487 people took part in the survey between May and July this year, with 73.9 per cent of participants – or 360 people – saying they ‘extremely agree’ they would recommend Milton Keynes Hospital to their loved ones. That puts the hospital in the ‘normal range’ score in England.

A further 106 patients said they would be ‘likely’ to recommend the hospital, while two people said it would be ‘extremely unlikely’, eight said ‘unlikely’ and nine neither agreed nor disagreed with the question. Two others said they didn’t know.

The survey, claimed to be the most comprehensive ever undertaken by NHS England, covers around 4,500 NHS wards and 144 A&E services across the country.

It allows hospital trusts to gain real-time feedback on their services down to individual ward level and increases the transparency of NHS data to drive up choice and quality.