Milton Keynes in ‘graphic’ novel

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When he was seven years young, Paul B Rainey read Planet of the Apes. 
That innocent opportunity was the start of a love affair with comics, and he has been creating them ever since.

Many self-published comics have followed, and he is an occasional contributer to Viz magazine, but his debut graphic novel has been seven years in the making.

And now – trumpet sound – the waiting is at an end, and ‘There’s No Time Like The Present’ has just been released.

The book is set here in the new city, in a time where time travel has been discovered, and yet everyone’s life is more the same than ever before.

People have access to the ultranet and can, if they want to, download music that hasn’t been written yet, movies that haven’t been filmed yet, and if they’re not too careful, folks can learn the exact date and time of their own demise.

As with all Paul’s deliveries, it is nothing short of brilliant, and if you are quick, you’ll still have time to make tracks to Waterstones in Midsummer Boulevard this evening for the talk, Milton Keynes Unpacked discussing how MK has influenced his work.

Make haste, and enjoy.