Milton Keynes killer to be deported to Jamaica

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A killer who stabbed his friend with a knuckle duster knife is to be deported back to his native Jamaica after a costly battle over his human rights.

Eric Johnson got into a row over a mobile phone with his housemate David Williams 10 years ago.

The skirmish at the Oldbrook Boulevard house started with sticks, escalated to a mop, and then both men reached for knives.

Both were heavily dependant upon drugs and Mr Williams, 30, let Johnson stay in his house in return for a supply of crack cocaine, a court heard during his trial.

Johnson, who wore his knuckle duster knife round his neck, claimed he acted in self defence. But he was convicted of manslaughter and jailed for nine years.

Two years ago the High Court blocked a Home Office bid to deport him, saying there could be a human rights violation.

Johnson, now 30 claimed he should escape being deported because he the illegitimate son of a British man.

He said his parents were in a relationship in Jamaica, where he was born, but did not marry. He lived with his father from the age of four and last saw his mother when he was nine.

The Home Office promptly took the case to an immigration tribunal. Johnson then appealed the Court of Appeal.

Last week the Court of Appeal judges dismissed Johnson’s appeal and ruled that he should be deported back to Jamaica.