Milton Keynes’ Lib Dem group leader calls for council officers to be investigated over sexual offences scandal

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Two councillors who allowed a convicted rapist to become a city taxi driver have been backed by their Lib Dem group leader - who is calling for council officers to be investigated over the scandal.

Councillor Douglas McCall last week described his members decision to resign as “honourable” - despite the fact neither have resigned as councillors.

He said: “The councillors obviously came to the judgement they thought was valid at that time.

“They made an error of judgement. They have not broken any procedures - they have followed them to the letter.

“So I am worried about the procedures in place which have allowed this to happen.

“What legal advice were the panel members getting from professional officers?

“We need to have a full root-and-branch review into how this was allowed to happen so we can stop it happening again.”

Former mayor Subhan Shafiq personally recommended a man convicted of four sexual offences - including rape - to be given a licence.

Fellow Lib Dem Stuart Burke who was chairman of the licensing committee that gave the sexual offender the green light to drive taxis in the city has resigned.

Mr McCall went on to say the judgement his members made were “questionable”, but insisted they have served their community very well in the past when asked if they should step down as councillors.

He said: “The decision they made was flawed, but I was not in the room listening to the advice they were being given.

“They were receiving advice from professional officers - questions need to be asked in that area.

“The Lib Dems take these matters seriously. We have instigated an internal disciplinary review, which will be carried out by our regional party. That’s the right and proper thing to do.

“We will await the outcome of the investigation.”