Milton Keynes Lightning player takes on the new '˜floating' trend

One of the ice hockey league's biggest players, Frantisek '˜Frankie' Bakrlik, who stands at colossal 6ft 5inches, took to the latest relaxation therapy centre this week in preparation for MK Lightning's big games ahead.

Wednesday, 18th January 2017, 1:43 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th January 2017, 1:47 pm

Frankie was invited to Milton Keynes’ new floatation life centre in Crownhill, which is home to the latest ‘floating’ trend to hit the UK. The giant 8ft tanks were more than large enough to accommodate the Czech forward and the 10inches of Epsom salt-concentrated water suspended Frankie into a state of complete floatation.

“The floatation centre is well used by sports professionals as it is perfect for recovery after a game and helps the athlete to relax and focus their mind,” says Owner, Phil Welham.

“We have already had visits from International rugby players, football players, MMA fighters and we were delighted to welcome Frankie to try his first float, plus it is a great way to show how large the tanks are.”

The family owned business opened in December and has seen people from as far as Edinburgh visit to receive the floatation sensation.

Following Frankie’s float, MK Lightning has high expectations of the players performance this week as they take on the Hull Pirates in the second leg of the Cup Semi Final.

During January, customers can receive a float experience for £36 instead of £48.

For more details or call the team on 01908 969470.