Milton Keynes loses out to major cash sum to put end to pothole

MK Council are given an extra �470,000 to fix the city's potholes.
MK Council are given an extra �470,000 to fix the city's potholes.

Milton Keynes hit a bump in the road this week, when it was announced the city’s share of extra government funding to tackle potholes is just ONE SEVENTH the amount received by neighbouring Northamptonshire.

The Department of Transport shared funds based on local councils’ ability to “demonstrate best practice in highways maintenance”.

Milton Keynes Council leader Peter Marland said: “Any more cash for repairs is helpful and will help fix more potholes and pavements. However, we received far less than other neighbouring authorities.

“We also have to see this £470,000 in the bigger picture of the £80million in cuts to funding we’re having to manage with between 2010 and 2017.

“We need to assess why other areas were awarded more money as those judged to have better services were given more cash, and work on our ambitious highways agenda should improve the situation.”

Northamptonshire was awarded an extra £3.3m and Cambridgeshire got £1.9m, while Central Bedfordshire. £600,000.

All money received will be used to repair existing potholes permanently and prevent others forming.

Mr Marland added: “We have already promised to get a 14-day pothole guarantee feedback service in place as quickly as possible and we need to be reducing repair times, and that 14-day figure is our long term goal.

“The real key is delivering better repairs and improving value for money so cash is spent more efficiently.”