Milton Keynes: Love your liver, with three simple steps

MK Health
MK Health

Health bosses are encouraging people to learn to love their livers, with three simple steps.

Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group (MKCCG), which oversees health across the city, has issued the advice as part of the Love Your Liver campaign by the British Liver Trust.

A free mobile phone app has also been created to show if you are at risk of developing liver damage.

Dr Nicola Smith, GP chair of MKCCG, said: “The CCG fully supports the Love Your Liver campaign as it gives people a better understanding of the three major risk factors in liver disease and how to prevent liver damage. Symptoms of liver disease often develop silently, so it is important to reduce alcohol intake.

“Liver disease is preventable and by cutting out alcohol for three days consecutively in a week, eating a healthy diet, and taking more exercise you can help maintain good liver health. If anyone is concerned that they may have contracted viral hepatitis, you should contact your GP and discuss your concerns.”

Between the years 2001 and 2012, figures show that the number of people who died with an underlying cause of liver disease in England increased by 40% from 7,841 to 10,948. Liver disease is the fifth biggest killer in the UK and the fastest-growing, but because the symptoms develop quietly it means it can be diagnosed at a late stage.

You can also take an online test to find out how healthy your liver is here. The Love Your Liver Health Screener asks a number of questions to assess risk factors and advise if you might be at risk of liver damage. The campaign also includes a national roadshow across the country offering free liver health assessments to the public.

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